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What would you do if you found yourself trapped on an eerie space station with nothing but a computer? · By Goodwolf Studio, Zein Okko

Bug in episode 1, signature scanner

A topic by pomesaurus created Apr 05, 2021 Views: 228
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I am at the scanner in LABPREP. Zoya says "The signature has been scanned. You should download the file". I am unable to download the file: when I access the LPSCANNER, I only see submenus for APPS and NETWORK. According to a video walkthrough I finally had to consult, I should be able to see RESULTS, but I don't see it. I can also execute APPS.UTILITIES.FILEPERMISSIONS.RUN and it shows OPEN FILE > and I can select SCAN, but hitting the enter key doesn't do anything. The scan never shows up in my SYSTEM.APPS.FILES, and consequently I am unable to ever print a keycard (I already have the full name, birth date, biometric data, and photo)

Any suggestions on how to proceed?