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Very cool. Thank you so much. I just made it to the third location (per the fast travel option). Loving the game (generously long demo) so far.

Heh! Just found out that was the end of the demo. I put the full game on my steam wishlist

Stuck in demo version 1.0 and need some help. Spoilers ahead:

I made it as far as unlocking the parcel box and finding out the apartment number, but when I try to use the stairs, I just get some message about not wandering about without knowing an apartment number. Is this a bug or do I need to do something else? 

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I am at the scanner in LABPREP. Zoya says "The signature has been scanned. You should download the file". I am unable to download the file: when I access the LPSCANNER, I only see submenus for APPS and NETWORK. According to a video walkthrough I finally had to consult, I should be able to see RESULTS, but I don't see it. I can also execute APPS.UTILITIES.FILEPERMISSIONS.RUN and it shows OPEN FILE > and I can select SCAN, but hitting the enter key doesn't do anything. The scan never shows up in my SYSTEM.APPS.FILES, and consequently I am unable to ever print a keycard (I already have the full name, birth date, biometric data, and photo)

Any suggestions on how to proceed?