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EvolVR - My VR Procedural Ecosystem with evolving animals

A topic by RyanDByrne created Apr 04, 2021 Views: 87
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I’m working on a VR Procedural ecosystem with evolving animals in Unity as a fun educational tool.

It has procedural animal animations, planet mesh & biome generation and animal creation from a profile. It also has changing AI behaviour and DNA.

I'd appreciate any feedback as this is my first release and it was for my final year university project. I would like to include feedback in my thesis and I hope to keep working on it once I finish college so any and all suggestions would help.

It currently only runs on oculus devices but you can download it for free here:

Here’s a feedback form if you do try it:

Some other interesting things about this project:

· You can customise the planet yourself before exploring.

· You can view the animals DNA on your tablet and see their stats & behaviours above their head.

· VR teleportation and Jetpack movement.

· I made all the animal models myself.

· It uses behaviour trees to control the AI. (E.g. Pack behaviours, fighting, resource finding)

· Animal memory system.

· It has a full day-night system and animals can sleep at night.

· Procedural animations based on the animal rig and using inverse kinematics.

Feel free to ask any questions about it too, thanks. 

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