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Cursed Roots

A horror point-and-click adventure. Think and act fast to survive, discover your past and escape your Cursed Roots! · By MastroBros

Gameplay ann Review, of one of the best click and point games this year!

A topic by GameGabe created Aug 03, 2017 Views: 178
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I really liked the game and whole artstyle of the game, the music was on spot can't complain about that.

And since it's a preview i knew there are gonna bit a bit of "hickups". Personally i'd do some improvements on the text - speed mostly. Also the thing that really bothered me somehow, was the fact that when i examined and item or an object if i clicked on the text it didn't disappear but it interacted with item/object in the back of the text if it was there. Also i'd consider lowering the reaction time, i think i've struggled for about 15 minutes with the aunty at the beginning. 
But otherwise a good game can't complain about it. Can't wait for the future progress :)