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Cruel World

blame everybody else - a mingleplayer masocore platformer · By droqen, NewtonsNinja, Mer Grazzini, sylvie

post-DLC changelog

A topic by droqen created Apr 02, 2021 Views: 493 Replies: 11
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I just pushed an update (v5) fixing a single door that was broken.


I just pushed an update (v6) adding diacritics to the font, and adding admin commands (no access) for the upcoming level design stream.


I just pushed an update (v7, but v1 on Linux):

a door has been added somewhere.

you can now HEAL your moral failings.

but at what cost?

the game will be re-released for sale at NOON EST today. get your cruel world. tell your friends.


I just pushed an update (v8, v2 on Linux) that fixes the HEAL cmd. please update your copy of Cruel World.


I just pushed an update (v9, v3 on Linux) that eliminates the overabundance of BERVS. All players may now resume normal activity.


I just pushed an update (v10, v4 on Linux) that fixes a minor client-server connection error.


I just pushed an update (v11, v5 on Linux) that prevents your save file from being invalidated and deleted by a new Windows update  (oops, this one's my bad). please update before running.


Serverside update: HEAL has been debuffed.

  • HEAL no longer causes collateral healing.
  • You may have been removed from certain OWNERS lists in the meantime. The cat god apologizes for this.
Developer (1 edit)

Serverside update: All OWNERS have been restored to their hard-earned positions.

  • The most affected nodes were @FIRSTPOST and @FIRSTCAVE.

I just pushed an update (v12, v6 on Linux - officially version "1.2.1") that wraps up the end of the game.

Also I made it complain if you have the wrong version, but that really won't do anything for a while since this check wasn't in older versions :p

Please update your game.


I just pushed an update (1.2.2, v13/v6) that fixes a bug where new players could not MINE.

If you are affected, please update and restart your game.


I just pushed yet another update (1.2.3, v14/v7) that makes the damn client check a php file instead of a txt file when confirming the version number!

Turns out Godot will cache a txt file and then not update the thing whose only purpose is to let you know when it has been updated! Whoops.

Please update and restart your game at your earliest convenience, just so your game will let you know when there's a new version.