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[Rev-Share][Programmers+Artists] Looking for Programmers and Artists for a Top-Down Action Shooter

A topic by Terran8793 created Aug 02, 2017 Views: 185
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Hello Everyone,

My name is Terran Thomas. I am looking to recruit for a small team to work on a top-down co-op action shooter that is close to having a working prototype.
Project Name: Project Graveyard (Working Title)

Concept Art

Project Description:
The game is a 3d, topdown, boss rush, action shooter, with 2 player co-op, based in a supernatural setting world with gameplay similar to Furi, but not inspired by it. The story focuses on a homeless supernatural couple who accept a job as sort of supernatural bounty hunters to make some money, which leads to them taking on dangerous jobs from their employer. The story will be more character focused than anything else, but there will be what i choose to believe to be a great story overall.

At the moment, we have some of the gameplay done, and we’re close to having a playable demo that we can use for crowd funding, but we still need a few things fixed and added, which i believe could take about a week or two to finish. We only have a few placeholder models and a good amount of character concept art, but we don’t have any final models or animations yet.


  • Fun, fast and over-the-top action
  • Mission based levels, with a focus on unique, interesting and tough supernatural boss fights, and different, unique environments.
  • Interesting, funny and at times extremely dark character driven story.
  • Online and Local Co-op

Genre: Top-Down - Boss Rush - Action Shooter
Setting: Supernatural
Game Modes: Single Player - Co-op
Platform: PC - Mac
Engine: Unity
Graphics: 3D
My Contributions
I am the Game Designer, Lead Concept Artist and Writer for the team. I‘ll be handling the game design, the concept art for most of the characters and enemies, and the story, character backgrounds and lore.
Talent Needed
I am looking for people who are interested in and serious about making and completing games, willing to learn what they don’t already know in their respective fields and who can and are willing to stick with these games until completion.
C# Programmer
A programmer who knows C# and Unity. We need generalists who can do advanced character controls and enemy ai.
2D Artist
A 2d artist who can match the art style of the game. Specifically someone who can do environments, items, storyboards, animation sheets, ui elements, etc.
3D Modeler
Someone who can model characters, enemies, environments and items.
3D Animator
Someone who can animate the modeled characters and enemies.
Anyone who joins the team will be required to sign an simple Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Github, Google Docs, Trello, Discord
If your interested and/or would like to know more, feel free to contact me through email or Skype, and please include your name, age, location, skill set, links to your previous work if applicable.

Skype: terran.thomas – (You can find me easier by putting in my email address)