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Project Wheels

A fun, cool driving game! With physics and stuff! · By buff

Project Wheels Bug Reporting Sticky

A topic by triple3studios created Jan 02, 2016 Views: 1,827 Replies: 27
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Please report all issues you've had with Project Wheels here.

Once I've seen it, I'll try to fix in some upcoming updates.


Hi! I am having a pretty large bug in Project Wheels. I load up the game. Then I drive the car. It works. Then, I change my liscence plate number. The car does not respond to my keystrokes. Eventually, they start going into the textbox for the liscence plate. Here is a video I took:

Thanks :D

Okay, this isn't a bug, but it's very annoying. All you have to do is click somewhere out of the screen to de select the input field. It should be fine after that. Thanks!

I tried that.

Hmm, that's weird. I tried to recreate what happened but nothing odd happened. I'll try optimizing a few scripts

Okay, thanks! :D

I have this problem: The sedan's coloring is messed up, the breakable parts are not being colored.

Hope you'll fix it.


I think I know why this is happening. Currently, the color picker is set up to color one object, but the sedan has a lot more than one. I'll get a fix out soon.

Okay, Thanks!

Hello! Here are some bugs I found:

  • When starting game, large amounts of lag for about 10 seconds
  • The sedan does not get fully colored
Thanks :D
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sorry for my bad english; im french

i just want to report a bug; i walking back and suddenly i goes to 400 k/h!!!

watch video

download video here:!TgBS2bqJ

Thanks for everyone's input. I'll patch all of this in the next update, which is around 2 weeks away

Awesome, thank you :D

Hi! Here are some bugs I found:

  • Insane lag at start for about 10-15 seconds
  • Truck can not pick up coins
  • Sedan is not fully colored
  • You can not color the trailer part of the truck

i am having a really annoying bug when i try to change the controls the game crashes

Okay, I've heard of this before but it's a Unity problem... I'll wait for a stable release and tthen update the game!

I have a bug I would like to report.

When I start up the game, press play, select map, then select vehicle, I get intense lag for like 15 - 20 seconds, letting me do nothing unless I wait, or press Q to freeze physics. After like 15 - 20 seconds, the game starts to run smoothly. I don't know if it's a Unity problem, or a Windows 32 bit problem.

This is actually because of your CPU... I have realised that when the scene instalizes, the physics re-calculate everything... And that's a lot of maths for the CPU to be crunching through!

It didn't used to do this...

Because it didn't used to have physics blocks...

in this update the truck camera is flying way above the actual truck. unless you go free camera

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  • Changing your name in multiplayer doesn't do anything
  • There's no menu button ingame
  • Turning off music/turning volume down doesn't do anything

If you get the icon for windows, and you want to get Project Wheels for it, it wont work. Please make an update that will let it be on windows.


it wont let me download on windows!


Hi got the game on ubuntu and it will boot into the graphic/resilution thng and when i press okay itcrashes

I downloaded it and as soon as i played, no walls, no car only rims, some joints a a number plate i could see nothing else :( HELP!

The game doesn't work on Linux - crashes immediately after the resolutions screen.

hey i have a bug that project wheels crashed when i crash the car it starts to crash the game please fix it