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This game is amazing! But I suppose you don't work on it anymore, do you? Also, I noticed that in Ravenholm, if you fire a sawblade at the pool, the game freezes. And I would say that some levels really differ in difficulty, when fighting aginst metrocops, it's quite a challenge, but zombies is a breeze. Also, have you ever thought about implementing swappable weapons, with limited ammo?

Okay, Thanks!

I have this problem: The sedan's coloring is messed up, the breakable parts are not being colored.

Hope you'll fix it.


I would like if you added some new vehicles, maybe flying, any of them are okay and if you made them various, like SUV's, Station Wagons, Plane ones, I'd like if you added more breakable vehicles, the sedan's okay, but the coloring is messed up on it, also, it would be great if you added paintjobs!

I hope you'll read this, good luck, and have a great morning, day, evening!