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2nd experience of Ludum Dare LD39

A topic by Kthulhu1947 created Aug 01, 2017 Views: 80
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When I made my game in my 1st LD experience at the LD38, I was a newbie. It was not really good actually. Since that, I practice and overall, I learn how to pixel art. And that’s the real improvement that I needed. Because I was able to compete for the Compo. This is the result :

First, I’m really happy about my menu. It’s simple but it’s more professional than just put a picture with a script on it. Then, the game begin with a scenario that you can read to explain the context of the action. After that, you’ll be spawn in the middle of a grassland.

Your Machina can move, drill, teleport and extract. You can see the instruction at the left of the hud. In the middle, you have the status of you power count. And at the right, you have some information to establish your strategy along the levels.

There are 5 maps of different type. Each type have different element like trees, rocks… The generation is random. The oil spawn are random too. Sometimes, you only have 3 oil tiles. Sometimes, you can have 15 oil tiles. I’m working on a 1366x768 screen. When I tried a game in a 1920x1080 screen, that was really tiny. So I manage to adapt the window game to the resolution display. And voilà ! So the more your screen resolution is big, the bigger your map will be. Magic! At the end, win or lose, you’ll have a screen to tell if you run out of power or not. And you’ll have your statistics of your game played. With that you can adjust your strategy.

Things I’d love to do if I had more time :

  • make the terrain increase or not the cost move
  • add barbarian units or wild animals to stop my progression
  • add a gun to shoot the barbarian and the wild ;-)
  • work more on the teleport animation with transition screen and teleport on the new map
  • adjust a little more the oil spawn to get the game harder
  • adjust the spawn (oil and extra elements) in relation to your actual power level to get the game more challenging

I hope you’ll enjoy playing this game. And I’ll see you next Ludum Dare ;-)