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The Unexpected Quest

A journey of hammer, magic, and might. · By rionix

Spanish Translation Offer

A topic by Tenkadono created Mar 28, 2021 Views: 215 Replies: 2
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I saw The Unexpected Quest is not in Spanish. I'm sure you'll have your localization agencies but in case you wanted to try I could translate it into Spanish. I can offer a professional and passionate translation, no charge. I just like to participate in games like this one.

Developer (1 edit)

Hi! Thanks for the your offer. Game's texts for translation are open and you can view or edit them by this link. To work with texts, we usually used this utility. But this is very hard work, as we have a lot of text in the game.

(1 edit)

I took a look at the utility and I could give it a try. I tried to import the excel file from Google docs but it did not load. In any case, I could translate it directly via Google Docs.

Don't worry about hard work, it won't be a problem.

I look forward to further information and thanks for your kind answer!