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Just Released for Defold - Continuous Integration/Automatic Deployment

A topic by Gamebuildr created Jul 31, 2017 Views: 91
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We've just released a continuous integration/automatic deployment service for Defold engine - just in time for the Corona Defold Jam - and it is now available in closed beta here: It's only just been released, so it will be polished and improved over the next few weeks, but sign up and we can put you on.  We hope it can really streamline your gamedev and save valuable hours of devops for creative work.

If you're not familiar with CI/CD, here is a good explanation of how it can aid game development:  It basically is a  development best practice in which every code commit is immediately integrated into a shared repository and is automatically built and tested. A developer making the code change gets immediate feedback and can fix bugs easily if required since every bug can be tracked down to a commit.  If there are any questions, you can contact us on