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Custom Airports

Custom location files for Endless ATC · By startgrid

Concorde bugs

A topic by jacobhuber0707 created Mar 25, 2021 Views: 47 Replies: 1
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Hey!  I just added the custom plane concorde to one of my airports and It works great!  I only have 2 bugs with it.  One of them is that when editing the acceleration value it makes it accelerate faster which is what I want it too do.  But it also decelerate faster, I don't want it to do that.  Is there a way to edit the deceleration independently of the acceleration?  Also the concorde slows down to normal subsonic plane speeds a few miles from the airspace even though I cleared it to beyond 400.  Other than that the concorde is great!


Hi! It's not possible to edit the accel and decel separately, but I'll limit the decel rate for airborn planes as a workaround. I will also remove the speed reduction after handoff. Supersonic planes were not taken into consideration when developing the game, but it's a nice idea that, after some adjustments, planes like the Concorde can be simulated.