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Custom Airports

Custom location files for Endless ATC · By startgrid

Weird Altitude Floor Bug

A topic by mystlegend created Mar 25, 2021 Views: 39 Replies: 1
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I've been working on a custom KDEN file, and I've ran into an error when developing the arrival routes. For some reason, all STARs have a floor where aircraft can only descend to 11368. I don't get why this value -- it's not any common altitude above the airport (i.e. not 5000 above) or even a number below the playing ceiling. Here is the link to the file: I've also gotten this reproduced by one other person. It happens on all STARs -- even those with an altitude restriction below 11000.


Hi! Thanks for creating the airport file. The altitude bug will be fixed in the next update; it was related to the (rather high) elevation of this field has.