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Nimble Kick

Kick sampler plugin typically used for Hardstyle. · By Nimble Tools

Pitching sample makes a bit of high frequencies to be lost

A topic by jeipster created 26 days ago Views: 50 Replies: 5
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Im currently using Nimble kick alot and i love it but theres one thing thats always in mind and that is when i pitch my kick some nice high frequencies disappear which i wonder if its my daw settings or just the plugin?

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Can you give some more details? How high of a frequency are we talking about? Is it audible, or can you only see it in an analyzer? Does it happen for all the algorithms? Which settings are you using? What are the technical details of the sample you are using?

idk if i have sensitive hearing but here is a video example, it does not sound like it cuts off whitenoise but it smooths it out kinda

i tried every and it seems like its experimental that is the worst, even though i like it the most because it streched the best

but when i try to strech it abit with timemachine it still sounds the same as experimental

either way its not something i really complain about just feedback since it does not bother me much at all. just something i had in mind