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Weapon Master VR (UE4)

Weapon Master VR is a comprehensive weapon, pickup, and locomotion UE4 blueprint system for the HTC Vive. · By Heavy Diesel Softworks

I bought this on unreal marketplace, but I want the latest version.

A topic by Starkium created Jul 30, 2017 Views: 423 Replies: 1
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Any chance you could hook me up with a download if I can prove I bought this on ue4?


The MP  version of 4.16 should be coming out very soon. I sent it to epic last Monday, they are just super slow. The version will require manual updating which could cause you to lose work. Thats sort of the trade off between the two. = fast iteration but manual updating. MP = slower because of epic but automatic updating. 

Epic does not provide any information about the people that purchase our package (that I know of).  MSG me over on the forums (I'm OneShotGG) and I will see what I can do.