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CyberCrisis - Fast paced cyberpunk action

A topic by Cathartic Creations created Jul 30, 2017 Views: 96
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Hi there, Dani of Cathartic Creations here.

CyberCrisis is a new game - my first game here on It's a top down multidirectional shooter against multiple enemies - cyborgs, tanks, choppers, jeeps, drones - all hell bent on your destruction. Fortunately, you can collect scrap from your fallen enemies and use it to upgrade and repair your tank as you play, so you won't run out of new weaponry to try out or upgrades to purchase in a hurry. Objectives also appear throughout the game for you to complete, which grant you even more cash and progress to tougher swarms of cyborg menaces.

The campaign mode lasts about 45 minutes, and unlocks other game modes - it's pretty fun imo, so give it a try.