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Long Haul 1983

A solo RPG of empty highways and relentless threats. · By SPC

Soundtrack / Playlists

A topic by SPC created Mar 21, 2021 Views: 855 Replies: 5
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Spotify Playlist

Apple Music Playlist

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Here are all of the songs in two playlists on YouTube music...

Playlist 1 (tracks 1 to 13)

Card-directed Tracks

Playlist 2 (tracks 14 to 26)

Background Atmospherics

I've set these up as public playlists. The reason I've done this is that Spotify doesn't let free users skip enough tracks in a playlist. You're basically stuck with their random shuffle, and no way to select a particular song from the list. And Apple playlists are reserved for Apple users.

Enjoy using these!

(I found that YouTube seems to arbitrarily add songs to lists for some reason. So you might have to weed tracks out every now and again.)


Thanks, Roy!  


He pasado la playlist a Tidal.




Kiko León was able to recreate the entire 26-song playlist in TIDAL, for users of that platform!

Original Tweet: