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Fate of the Magician

A topic by Ajay Game Developer created Jul 30, 2017 Views: 323
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Hi! I just published my game called Fate of the Magician.

Here's a download link:

Short description: 

Fate of the Magician is a 2.5d platformer  where you play as a magician who uses his magical powers to solve puzzles and fight with enemies. In the way for the final fight with his brother, he faces zombies, traps , triggers, roadblock and much more.

So, go ahead and play the game because there are many puzzles to solve , triggers to enter and enemies to fight.

Main Features:

1) Magical powers

2) Various types of Traps

3) Triggers

4) Zombies

5) Boss Fights


7) Puzzles

8) Switches and different types of platforms


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