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Target Xplosion

A topic by Gumichan01 created Jul 28, 2017 Views: 405 Replies: 1
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Hello everyone.

I would like to talk about my new video game: Target Xplosion.

Target Xplosion is a 2D side-scrolling shooter game based on various video games, such as R-Type, DodonPachi, and Touhou project (東方 Project).

You can kill enemies using different types of shot (normal shot, missiles, bomb, ...). Shooting an enemy increases your combo value. This combo is very important to  get a high score . The score you will have after completing a level depends on your performance (number of killed enemies, number of deaths, combo value, ...). You can get more information here.

You do not need to be a very good player of any shoot'em up (in particular manic-shooters) to play it. The game was designed to be easy for casual gamers, and hard for hardcore gamers.

Here is the trailer of the alpha version. The game is still in development, and may have some improvements.

Here are some screenshots of the game.



New devlog 

- Feedback and bug report: