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Cosmic Base [Prototype graphic update, game name]

A topic by weinercze created Jul 27, 2017 Views: 304 Replies: 1
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Strategy tycoon top down action game.

Inspired by Prison architect, oxygen not included and other games.

Game is about building space station and travelling to space around, upgrading space station and your ship. You must defend your space station from pirates, meteoroids and other things.


  • building cosmic base
  • oxygen system
  • flying through space
  • colonists
  • drones

Roadmap to first access

Canteen, bigger rooms, food, water system

#1 Space adventure starts again

Every time I think I have lots of things already done, so I made excel file where I write everything and giving it percentage how much it is done. Then it is calculating me how much percentage I have done. I think it is great thing. I have about 27 % of programming and design part, but I do not add everything to excel. So it is like 10 % max now.
Space roadmap: Hangar, bigger rooms, building robot, solar panels, more space station items, more gameplay, canteen

Robot is first thing to do, because I need to change building system little bit, because of robot. About oxygen. Special plants are making oxygen. You need to take care of them. Doors have two modes. Unlocked and locked. Lots of things, like ventilation and more things will have same modes. When power is off, you can not interact with locked things. Only manually. When door is locked, oxygen can not go through. You just need a connected room with oxygen, but ventilations will be too, for bigger safety.
About colonists will be more later.

Next time I will talk more about colonists, drones, etc. Ask me and I try to reply.

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#2 It is working! Graphic update!

Biggest achieve is that I have finally working water system. It can be used to every other pipeline or cable line for oxygen or electricity. Only problem is that whole circuit will reset when you destroy one pipe. But it takes just seconds. I hope it will not be problem in the future.

Next thing is graphic update. I made thinner walls because of doors. Does it look better? Next thing I need to do is when I open one door than second door will open. I prepared systematization system for it. So you can be able to set it if you want. With systematization system you will be able to set up who can open door and if door will open automatically. I hope systematization is good word for it. Another part of graphic update is HUD.

Last thing is I want to change game name from cosmic base to stellar port. What do you think? Because it is space station tycoon game and big part will be travelling through space than one part of game will be building space port and ships will arrive to your station and visit your space bar.