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Don't Bite Me Bro!

1-4 Player Co-op open-world zombie apocalypse game. Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. · By MUIFWEGO

Controller not Working to Play Co-op

A topic by AdminGamer101 created Jul 25, 2017 Views: 242 Replies: 3
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So I've downloaded the game on my laptop, and I've connected my Ps3 (Dualshock 3) controller through USB. The remote shows up on devices on my laptop, but the game doesn't allow me to use it. Is it not compatible? The only difference between the Ps4 and Ps3 controller are lights and the touchbar, so I'm guessing the game is compatible with the controller. What am I doing wrong? I've tried Motioninjoy and BetterDS3, and have downloaded the drivers for XBox 360 controller. What's wrong?

Edit: I've read the FAQ, and I've learned that the controller should just plug in and play. Also, lets say I need to take Gas from a car, it shows a Square and a Circle instead of a Q and a E. Whats wrong?


Since I'm making a thread anyways, I should throw in a suggestion. It would be nice to use other cars then just the red one. One time I drove it into the swamp, and it got stuck there. I know there's the cheat code (DUDEMYCAR), but its not the same. It would be nice to have other vehicles to, like helicopters, and the ability to break houses and buildings for wood and metal. 

Could someone please help me?


Hey AdminGamer, 

Sorry I haven't responded I've been focused on the game, Yes the PS3 Controller should work fine but to be honest I haven't tried yet. I'll make sure the ps3 controllers are working fine if anything is wrong. You can try pluggin in the controller and turning it on first before running the game.  The PS3 and PS4 controllers are actually quite different because each button has a different "name" in the code on both controllers. The interface in the game changes depending on what controller is used. If you join in with space bar on the keyboard the interface should show Q and E and BACKSPACE etc., Square and Circle for ps3 and ps4, and A B X Y for every other controller. It might be reading a plugged in controller. 

I'm working on a car reset now similar to mario kart where the car resets to the nearest road. Theres 6 new Weapons and 6 new vehicles  available both in-game currency shops and through paid dlc.  Eventually the houses are actually going to be indoor puzzles but there will be lot more destructable things around the world.

The shopkeepers also has lots of new items randomly including the weapons and lots of new Items.

Stay tuned, Update coming very soon, 


Thanks for the reply :D I will retry in the next update.