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Has the digital version been released yet?

A topic by sixdegrees23 created Mar 11, 2021 Views: 248 Replies: 3
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Hi, Has the digital version of Dice Souls been released yet? 

If not, that's okay.  I can wait.  But do you have an updated estimate when it will be released?

My reason for asking this is just to check that I'm not missing anything here. 

That is, I purchased the digital version of Dice Souls a few weeks ago in February when it was on-sale.  I was looking forward to the digital version's March 1st release-date.  But so far I only see the campsite mp3 for that in my downloads.  


Hi there,

Thanks for checking in on this. I haven't released it yet - I was approaching burnout at the end of February and had to put everything on hold for a week or two. I'm hopeful that it'll be released in the next couple of weeks and I really appreciate everyone's patience with the process.


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Thanks for your reply here about Dice Soul's status. I appreciated it.

I also don't mind waiting longer now for its release.  It is understandable that process is just going to take as long as it takes.


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Just checking to make sure the pdf hasn't been released yet.  I only see a link to download the soundtrack.  Thanks!

Edit:  I saw a recent tweet about how you're working on it.  No need to reply. Looking forward to it!