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[Business/Budget/Conception/Communication] Looking to join a Video Game Production Team with variety of skills

A topic by TheGeneral50 created Jul 23, 2017 Views: 178
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Good evening, my name is "The General" here. I'm looking for some employment/joining a video game production team, where I can help achieve the full potential of your game. My job is in the communication in team development, communicating with contacts in the industry that can achieve your game's full potential, budgeting for your game's development ((nobody obviously wants to work for free)), early conceptual art to get an idea of what type of characters/story elements the artist would be working with, visual guide reference creation, and researching genre and story elements to get the best type of quality for your game.  Along with this I can help guide your team away from dangerous legal waters when it comes to creation, and ideas. For many reasons, I would direct the group away from copyright infringement, and keep it unique so that bigger companies do not engage your group on matters of trademarks. In that same mind set of legal, I would also help establish when it would be best for the video game to be copyrighted by legal of a lawyer. Which I do the research on area, and get in contact with the person needed for group to do this.

As you can tell, I would be very big help to your production. I do have some rules though before you get in contact with me.

1. The Game cannot be a fanart production. In other words, if it's not your intellectual property ((such as Nintendo's franchises, Hasbro, ect.)) high chance it will be taken down. Several good cases in point recently with fan made Nintendo games that got shot out water by their legal team. , are two really good examples why NOT to do this

2. Nobody wants to make something for you without payment." This vital factor in video game production a lot of individuals forget. In fact this probably one of the most important factors in creation of your vision, it needs to be funded. That's my job to worry what type of budget the game works under, but if you were to approach me and tell me that you want labor to be paid by revenue share. Not many or anyone with any logic would take that offer. A amount of money must be set for each persons labor, and those that are doing whole lot. Revenue share would be proper approach. It would be something I would discuss thoroughly with you before introducing people to you, but this must kept in mind before messaging me.

3.  If the previous was considered a big reason. This is EVEN BIGGER! Your game creation should try to hit the stars. Meaning no limits on what you are trying to do. Now if its MMO, that is very extreme, and that requires lot of time ((like years of building)). But if your making a platformer, rpg, jrpg, ect. ,ect. Yeah it's very doable and you should go for it. But if you present to me something that is super simple, with no visual appeal or design effort. I'll tell you this, "Why would I play this game, if everyone else did that theme and did it better." I can push for an amazing game, but do not get bullheaded on simplicity. Simple can be good, but everything in moderation.

4. Lastly, I have connections, and my ability to grab the artist-va-ost composer- you name it I can do it. You must be willing to allow me to suggest the elements that will achieve your dream. You can have some really solid ideas, but allow me to tailor them to be jaw dropping. So like before, be civil and willing to listen.


Overall, if you would like for me to join your team. Post here an email I can get in contact with you, and what type of game your making. I looked forward in responding to you, and hopefully will do business. - The General