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Thoughts on v.10

A topic by Ilkay created Jul 21, 2017 Views: 545 Replies: 2
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So a few things that i noticed 1) if you don't have a dick, you can still partake in all the sex actions that require it and knock up your slaves.  2) swinging costs the MC the same amount of energy as doing the act yourself. 3) Why when the MC is the mother is the child's grade slave?  Like i could see it tide to the fathers grade, or your rank in the Guild. 

Other then those three nitpick that took me 15 hr's to notice its a lovely game and i can not wait until the next release


1. I don't believe this should be possible. If you have no penis, scenes with it will use strap-on, but impregnation shouldn't apply. Perhaps you got them pregnant some other way. 

2. This is to prevent action abuse for mana mostly

3. Child's grade is inherited from mother. MC's original grade is slave (I've planned to increase it with progress, but forgot to add it).

Glad you enjoy the game :)

After doing some cheeking (Thank you for including the stats page) you are right, the mother spent three days at the brothel apparently.