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Tower of Babel

Ascend the fabled tower in your journey to cleanse the world of its plagues. · By Jordan, TheRamenGod, DrewAvery, CAPSCriss - Cristina

Playtest #4 Instructions (March 4, 2021 - March 11, 2021)

A topic by Jordan created Mar 04, 2021 Views: 78
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Playtest #4 - Taking place from March 4, 2021 - March 11, 2021

Playtest Focus:

The focus of this playtest is to gather feedback on the functionality of the game and on the layout of the level presented (the Slums). 

A more detailed description of what we're looking for or that you can avoid worrying about can be found below the Instructions in this post.


  1. Download the game from the game's main page. Download the "Tower of Babel v0.4.0 - Playtest #4" version that matches your operating system.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Start the Tower of Babel application/executable in the unzipped folder.
  4. Play the game. Mess around for a while. See what you can figure out and note how things look and feel. 
    1. You can explore the Slums level to experience the atmosphere, scale, and aesthetic of the world.
    2. You can play on the Testing level that demonstrates additional planned mechanics such as Chests and Quests, which will eventually be implemented throughout the rest of the game. 
    3. You can engage in Combat with enemies in either level by approaching creatures. 
    4. You can test out the Controls and look through the various Interfaces to see what everything does and to get an idea of what all will be added to the game. 
    5. If you're not sure what to do or where to start to play the game, check out the Getting Started (In the Game) community post.
  5. Fill out the feedback form for this playtest.
  6. If you would like, you can also post feedback with comments on this community post. Feel free to provide any feedback you would like to that is relevant to the game as it is presented in this version.

Thanks for participating in our playtest! Your feedback is appreciated!

Playtest Focus (Detailed):

The focus of this playtest is to gather feedback on the functionality of the game and on the layout of the level presented (the Slums).

We are aware that many parts of the game are incomplete, both in terms of functionality and in terms of the level construction. Feedback on these incomplete aspects are welcome, but do not feel any pressure to address all of them as we are aware of much of what still needs to be completed.

Things that you may want to focus your attention and feedback on:

  • How movement and camera control feels and works
  • The layout and flow of the Slums level
  • The atmosphere and aesthetics of the Slums level
  • How Combat functions in general, how it looks, and how it feels to engage with
  • How intuitive, functional, or attractive any of the user interfaces in the game are or are not
  • How various Rewards feel to get
  • How Quests feel to advance
  • How interacting with things in the world feels

Things that you can avoid communicating to us about, unless you specifically want to discuss them:

  • Missing collision on objects in the Slums level
  • Missing art/icons/textures on objects or interfaces
  • A lack of sound
  • A lack of animations in combat
  • A lack of animations on NPCs
  • Character Details are not being displayed in the Character Management window
  • Any user interface that says "Not Yet Implemented"
  • The lack of communication about what exactly is going on in Combat and what various abilities do (we have many plans to improve this, but haven't had time to implement them yet)
  • Semi-transparent spheres around the world (these are temporary and will be removed later, they are mostly there to visualize the detection radius for various things)
  • Advancement in Quests not being communicated clearly  (this will be improved once we add Dialogue, the Quest Tracker, and alerts across the screen)
  • Character abilities in combat (balance, what they do, etc.)