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Kwarn Armada Tactics : Scifi tactical game

A topic by 3dlight-Studio created Jul 20, 2017 Views: 631 Replies: 5
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I present you our last game : K.A.T. Kwarn Armada tactics. A RTS sci-fi game. Actually, this is just  a good demo with a robust engine . The way is still long before having a full game... but there is the presentation. Fill free to give to us your opinion. It is very important for us !

Kwarn Armada TActics will be on SQUARE ENIX COLLECTIVE  (31 JULY 2017).

You can download a demo here :

Kwarn Armada Tactic (K.A.T) is a real-time tactical combat game that puts you at the head of an armada of drones. Deploy drones cleverly on the ground to increase their power. Deploy them in formation to break the enemy lines, surprise the enemy or counter its assaults. Unleash your General's special powers to reverse the course of the battle.
Somewhere between Real Time Strategy and Chess, K.A.T. will put to the test your tactical sense and speed of reflection !

In a few words :

-A tactical and fast gameplay
-27 different drones  with 10 levels of upgrade
-13 unique generals with 18 levels of upgrade (juste 2 generals are present in the demo)
-36 powers to reverse the course of battle (just 2 powers are persent in the demo)
-replayable campaign mode (not present actually)
-26 equipments (3 are present in the demo)
-10 types of game (3 types actually work)
-advanced and daunting AI with 4 levels of difficulty
-2-player mode on the same screen (not present actually)

While the Stellar Empire has established itself throughout the galaxy, it seems that it can no longer extend without growing weaker. Although no civilization can compete in power and strength with the stellar armies, many worlds on the periphery of the Empire secede and warlike acts are always more frequent.

After the ultimatum of Archi-Kingdom Krang, a former imperial province, Emperor Aldebaran IV appointed General Reese Sanders to lead an expeditionary force of combat drones to reduce the blockade cutting imperial iridium convoys.

The Sanders mission is crucial: without these iridium convoys, the Empire will not be able to finalize the Atlas Gates project, gigantic teleport portals that can instantly transport the equivalent of a planet anywhere, using a dimension unknown until then : the flow. Thanks to the Atlas Gates and the flow, the Empire can intervene at any point of the galaxy while continuing to expand, in search of new materials and new allies.

And time is short because the Imperial General Staff has detected a colossal source of inter-dimensional energy approaching Andromeda. A force capable of annihilating the Empire ... The entity that created the flow wakes up gently : its trap snaps shut ... matter comes to it and it will be able to feast on it as in the past. The Kwarn is gathering its forces, lurking in the void and waiting for the opening of the next dimensional portal to spread in the dimension of light.

In Kwarn Armada Tactics, each general is different, have his personality, powers. There are a big part of your strategy.

I present you Ashley Wards. She is a general of Urani, from the 154th humanoid swarm of the Urani system, a province devoted to the Empire. Wards is a brilliant general who treats particularly logistics in his fights.
She have 3 powers that can put on the ground some drones extremely powerfull.

In Kwarn Armada Tactics, you must pay attention to your tactics when you place the drones on the ground but the General you choice to fight is also important.

Here is the general ¨Procyon", sentinel of the Empire.
Among the sentinels of the empire, Procyon made parity of the most advanced androids of combat. Its exceptional defensive electromagnetic powers make it an extremely resilient and dreaded opponent.

Another great general is Reese Sanders. Empire General Reese Sanders gained a reputation as an inflexible hero during the C-3 quadrant pacification campaign against Tark Var rebels. He is today considered the best general in the service of the empire.

Here is Kee Bohr, General of Mor'Tur Guild. The pirates of the cloud of Mor'tur asteroids are feared throughout the galaxy. And the name of Kee Bohr is for many: even the best generals are tetanized in front of him ... Would he have psychic powers ?

Always in camps of the opponents of the Empire, here is Vikor Schultz, the general of kingdom of Krang.

There are actually a lot a stuf that i made (yes i am the graphist for this game), but there are more more stuff to do !!!!

So, we would love to have critics, comments. That's why we are here ;) We are just 3 persons (one programmer, one graphist and one tester/community manager...), so your feedback will be very appreciated !

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K.A.T is a game of real time strategy in a futuristic universe. Your main purposes are to destroy the armada of the opponent, to make most damage for its base, to resist waves of attack, to protect special units, to progress in one fields of astéroïds, to exterminate a creature of the space... But to succeed there, you have to manage your armada by choosing the good drones, to improve them, to create new variants... Finally, you have to choose the general who will command(order) them. This choice will be determining because the general can activate powers during the party and make tip over the outcome of the fight. 

The gameplay :

Every drone attacks only in very precise directions. When that one of these directions meets one of your drones, it receives a bonus of support. It is thus necessary to arrange skillfully drones on the ground to increase their powers. You can choose to let them with their place either select some tosend them to the fight or make a general assault. 

A capacity indicates you the limit of the number of drones which you can put on the ground. The more you are active and the more the capacity of power of your general quickly increases. It is very important because it gives you the possibility of using its powers: to add an additional drone on the ground, to start a ballistic shooting, to hide drones, to decrease the zone of opposite installation to start a cosmic brief wind... the powers of the generals are there to strengthen your strategy. If every drone is improvable, by using the gold won at every end of fight, it's the same for the generals by gaining of the XP and also by using the gold at your disposal.

kwarn armada tactics : generals

Here are some screenshot for the party :

The types of game :

Kwarn Armada tactics can be played alone or 2 on the same device or on-line. You can either make a fast party and choose one of the 10 types of games, or make one of 13 solo campaigns, or look for an on-line opponent or fight against a buddy in the cafeteria ! Every game is completely customizable: choice of the difficulty, the general etc.... 

The world, the history :

In the parties "campaign", Kwarn Armada Tactics develops a complex story, in the form of livened up comics, on more of dozen of different worlds. The background of games are thus often different, to stick on the narrative weft. Here is a sample of the comics BD :

Hello !
Here is the list of all the generals of Kwarn :

As you see, each general have a special story, special habilities.

In the game, there are 3 variants for each drone:
-medium: not really strong, have no special habilities but can have 1 equipment.
-light: less strong than the medium, it duck all the time if the attack is on a single line and can have 2 equipments.

-heavy : more strong than the medium, have a shield but can't have any equipment.

here is the general : Donar Heimzl.

Little is known about General Donar Heimzl of the kingdom of Krang. The limited informations available suggest that Heimzl is an expert in sabotage operations and that his ruse equals the brutality of General Schultz during the border war with Argos ...

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We work hard to give you a new demo with a better gaming experience : more backgrounds, more functionnality ! We need you now ;) Support us on :

You can spread the information too :) All help you can to help us to make the greatest game for you !

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