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License to Kill

A one page TTRPG about quitting your job, and killing your boss. · By Kegan (@Keganexe)

Feedback and Devlog Sticky

A topic by Kegan (@Keganexe) created Feb 28, 2021 Views: 62
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Developer (1 edit)

I'm throwing devlogs here so I don't assault folks mailboxes with every time I update the file over a few typos.

On that, I have fixed a few typos and dropped words, and uploaded a RTF format of the game. I've said it elsewhere but if you need it in another format, just lemme know here, or shoot me a tweet or email about it and I'll update it ASAP.

Generally if you have Feedback or things I majorly fucked up in the game, drop them here and I'll see them.