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A topic by Octavi Navarro created Feb 26, 2021 Views: 234 Replies: 2
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Did you create any content with The Chronicler demo? Feel free to post it here. We want to see it! :)

Hi Octavi and Susanna,

I usually don’t play RPGs but since I love your work, I gave it a go and recorded it, so maybe it gives others a nice introduction into the wonderful world of Iselda’s adventures. I think this is a beautiful game, it’s relaxing and interesting, the humor is perfect (so charming) and I really love that Iselda just waltzes into every house like she owns the place. I really hope, this takes off because I think it is a wonderful creation. 

Some feedback (I did download this game about two weeks ago, so I think some if not all of it might already have been solved by you, I’ve seen how many updates you made till then): 

  • If I was too close to objects or people, I could sometimes not interact with them and had to move a bit back
  • I could not get to the one bandit in the cave, the entrance to his room was blocked

I do think, this is a great game to market to both adults and kids, so I hope - as soon as it’s ready for steam - you try to get that kid’s game angle as well. I think the world as well as the humor are great for kids (ages 8-14) since the game is not bloody or vulgar but still feels exciting and I would say that since so many people who like retro games develop games more for their own age group, this could actually fill a gap in the kid’s games genre. 


Thank you so much for your kind words and the nice video! We take note of the bugs and your suggestions and we hope you'll enjoy all the new content we have in the oven :)

Feel free to share with us any other feedback or suggestions you might have. It's really useful for us.

Octavi & Susanna