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It takes real skill to create an indie horror game in a hospital with jump scares and still be super successful in scaring the shit out of people. Making tropes work? Absolutely amazing, I had a blast (and you got a proper Ned Flanders scream out of me, something that doesn’t happen that often). 

This was super neat, I loved how dark it got and the pacing was picture perfect, a lot of interactive fiction can outstay its welcome with too much exposition but you had a good rhythm there. 

Also: your itch name is amazing :D

This looks amazing, I wishlisted it faster than any taxi could ever go!

I loved the concept but could not for the life of me figure out how to get any of the other endings. I tried a few things but that turned the game into a never-ending menial task of sorting without any progression, so at some point I was not motivated anymore. 

However, I love ending #1 and the whole concept is super neat. I do wonder, though, if this could be even better if we were to read a few letters that hint at what actually is going on. Add some lore and realism because let’s be honest, we all would take a peak at the letters :D

I was unsure about the black and white design but in the end I was totally on board, it creates this weird, foggy environment that makes everything a little less clear and works wonders with all the shapes. I also love that you worked with a lot of water, I played a lot of lighthouse games (because I love the setting) and this is the first that has more than a bone-dry island. 

Thanks for the info, good to know that I basically got a (bad) ending, even though I am very sad for my dear wife :D 
Unfortunately, I played this during an internet breakdown, so could not look at your page, I saw the F1 fix after recording. But I'll follow you, to see your next projects because your ideas are really cool.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the game, I ran into a big bug and another similar one on my second try. HOWEVER, you have a golden idea here, I think the concept is brilliant and very intriguing. I hope, you’ll develop this further because it is a gorgeous concept that's really fun to play. 

This was so good, great story, great pacing, great gameplay, it kept me on my toes throughout. 

I gotta say, this is so completely different after Obscured by Clouds and it does not really play like a mere experiment, it’s a fully formed, super cool horror game. 

My constructive feedback: some typos and text layout issues and my character’s width made movements a little slower at times but none of that hindered me from enjoying the heck out of this game. 

Mild spoilers: 

The way how you created a clear storyline was so good and that moment with the camera was absolutely genius because by not seeing and only hearing what’s happening, it was so much scarier because for a hot second I thought it was happening behind me and not on the recording. Gorgeous. 

This was so neat. I played for the worst ending and I think I got it. I LOVE the design, she looks absolutely gorgeous, I don’t mind her shennanigans if she is looking so powerful. It’s a great idea and beautiful execution. 

You nailed the atmosphere in this, even though it’s the type of game that is quite common on itch, your enemy and sound design (and restraint when it comes to scares) helped elevate the overall experience.
I added a few comments on the plot/storytelling at the end of my lets play, just in case you’re interested in feedback.

It's always a pleasure!

Alrighty, it took a while due to my video schedule and another series I am currently doing but I posted the last episode today. It was a gorgeous ride, thanks so much, again.

You're more than welcome, what a treat!

Thanks so much!

A beautiful game that fits so well in the pantheon of your terrifying cosmic horror universe. I loved the exploration part and the gameplay was so much fun, nothing felt clunky, everything fit. The writing is exceptional but that’s no surprise, it’s fantastic in all your games. I honestly think your games have some of the best writing I’ve seen in horror (indie and big budget). The soundtrack, sound cues and visuals are all so unnerving and creepy, the concept and design of grandpa is gorgeous. Just the way the little girl looks a tiny bit off, the way the food looks - it’s so beautifully twisted, I turned into a fangirl from the first second to the last. A stunning game.

I genuinely love the idea for this and hope you’ll maybe expand the game because the concept is so cool and has so much potential. Thanks for a fun short game!

Thanks so much. The rest of the videos will probably uploaded in the next two weeks but I can notify you when they are all up to spare you the backtracking to my playlist :D

So, I posted the first part of my 4-part LP series yesterday but I finished the game today (took a bit because my voice - as can be heard - is on gollum-levels of awful) and I gotta say: what a treat! I went in this completely open but still was surprised by the sci-fi setting. The world building, and the visuals - stunning. I loved the twist and your soundtrack and music cues are amazing. 

Also, as a horror lets player, I have to say that your scares were some of the best I’ve experienced in a long time. Visually absolutely stunning - they were terrifying on a Junji Ito/Attack of the Titans level but also the atmosphere/tension and gameplay during those scenes were great. And I think the placement of them turned this game into a cool genre mix (just as time is solid, I guess) which I always enjoy when it’s well done. 

All in all - stunning. It’s because of dev teams like yours that indie horror games will always be so much more exciting than the big players because you just dare to experiment and try new things. 

Also: sorry, the first part is a lot of croaky reading and me ranting about stuff (not about the game :D), I managed to stop seconds before it gets spooky without knowing it. 

I don’t know how you did it, usually I hate jumpscares but these all got me without annoying me which I think comes down to great atmosphere because when you’re tense yet curious the scares hit you the most. 

Also loved the look and soundtrack of this game, both very immersive. I think the lore could have been a bit more detailed but it’s a Game Jam game, I know the time constraints of those. All in all - great work you two!

Thanks for the explanation, that's super neat!

I absolute love when a super short horror game manages to do world building, have cool gameplay and be creepy. Absolutely fantastic work. I’ve played a few games inspired by the Mandela Catalogue and I have to give it to you developers, every single one of them was super interesting and unique in its own way. 

Oh nice. I am currently playing a super long game, so I want to keep all other games short but roughly 90 minutes fit a nice 2-episode slot. Thanks for the speedy feedback!

How long is the game all in all (since I tend to dawdle, the longer end of playthrough times is probably the info I need :D)

Your visuals are gorgeous and I loved that the different endings truly were different and not just slight deviations. I am also a fan of short interactive fiction and this was short but build a whole world. The sexy parts did not really resonate with me but that’s more a personal opinion. Great work!

Yes, I saw and it's already on my list. You'll hear from me once I tried it out :) 

Damn, this was so fun. Theoretically, this should be repetitive but the way you worked in small different details every other minute and scene creates this super immersive, fun experience, I loved this so much. Bravo, you really know how to keep both the action and the suspense going. 

This was so cute and fun and completely different from The Turing Test, I can’t wait to see what’s next. You really know how to put your spin on things and create these super neat experiences. 

I played Maple County a couple of months ago which was also inspired by Alex Kister’s work and I love how your game has the similar atmosphere but is still its own thing. I really enjoyed this, especially the one, super small thing at the end, holy smokes, that was so effective, what a simple but great idea. This was fun and creepy!

Played the full game and have to say: the prologue doesn’t do it justice. Not that it was bad but the rest of the game was much better and had some great ideas regarding puzzles and scares. Really lovely and it made me interested in your next project. There are a few things to improve upon but overall I enjoyed this a lot. 

I only played the demo but had a lot of fun (and heartbreak) playing this. I can’t put my finger on it, maybe it’s the concept or the details but this was just all around entertaining even though I was not as scared as I probably should have been (however, your sound design is really good, that spooked me). I’ll dig into the full game later just to see how it all pans out. 

I only yesterday watched The Green Knight and thought of your game and whether it was still in progress because I remember that I loved the atmosphere and concept so much and that medieval horror games are so seldom.
I am so glad to hear that you're back at it (but also support you taking a break, that's heaps better than you torturing yourself for results).

I love the visuals (pink and horror just match so well) and the weird out-of-proportions structures on the planet. Alas, although I knew how to get to the finish line, I did not find the right way (probably missed a very obvious path). Someone in the comments mentioned that this is basically a version of a specific game, what game is that? 

I have not watched the movie but now I really want to. I love how short this game is and how much it packs, from the lovely details of the environment, the sound cues (that thunder noise is genius, it sounds like giants fighting), that ONE scene (I can’t stop thinking about it). Amazing work. This is why I love indie horror games. 

Thanks for the reply, honestly, that sounds like I will be very much into it, a little run & hide is fine but I am very much an exploration gal and I like the journalism angle. I'll keep an eye out for updates. 

I really enjoyed how the game plays (if you know what I mean) and I am intrigued what actually happened to Paul. I am especially interested about strolling through the neighbourhood and how the whole game title comes into play since the demo did not have a lot of lore so far. 

As it is, there were a few misleading prompts (nothing gamebreaking but since it’s a demo, it might be the best time to mention it now) that could be worked on with a few tweaks in the text. 

The game looked fine when I was playing it but was very dark during editing, so I think it could be a little lighter just to see some of the (spooky) details when things happen, especially for lets plays.You put so much details in the environment and character designs, show them off!

So, I have a question: will there be run & hide gameplay or is it more exploration (neither is bad, I just genuinely want to know :)) 

To sum it all up: I put it on my wishlist and will keep an eye out!

I don’t have the skills or nerves to play a game like this through BUT I have to say, your whole concept is so neat, from the visuals to the sound and gameplay, it feels unique, charming and the way you tell the story is super interesting (the fact that the protagonist slowly realises what his employer is doing is so good). Great work (and the humor in it really tickled me). 

Ah ok, I guess it's a bit of a teaser, thanks for the reply!

This was wildly entertaining but had a few headscratcher moments :D I am not sure the story comes through fully, especially since the intro part had no obvious connection (it probably had but I didn’t see it). This is honestly one of those games where I would love some info from you just to see how it all ties together. However, I did add my theory to the story as asked and am curious how close it is (probably not very) :) 

I loved how much life you breathed into this with the design of the flat, it really elevated the story as a whole to see all those specific details, the pictures on the walls, the old propaganda films, everything fit and had a purpose to round out the character. I am super sorry that my PC decided to ignore the sound but I enjoyed it nonetheless, the atmosphere was amazing even with no sound. 

Lo and behold, I did not know the creepypasta before I played the game nor the short movies but the game conveyed the whole concept perfectly, so kudos, the atmosphere was great, the puzzle had me down on my knees and broken (I had to look it up eventually, burning with shame), and the design is just the right amount of boring vs. eerie. Very cool game adaption, it's a follow from me.