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There's huge download buttons on the page (under the title "Download"). Click them and they will lead you to the demo download for Windows and Mac. 

I somehow wished the game was more meta (and more scary), especially with Molly involved, it would have been cool to break the fourth wall a little but who knows, maybe the demo is the bait & switch, I am still looking forward to see what the full release does, after all, the team behind this is pretty impressive. 

Oh man, that was fun. The visuals are great, truly disgusting in the best way, I had some strong reactions :D 

I am amazed that the Giallo and Junji Ito references actually both came through incredibly strong, that’s one hell of a combo and it worked perfectly. 

My main gripe is that I would have loved to see more of this nightmare world. 

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This was a gorgeous and magical experience, very melancholic but I loved the animations and puzzles, it’s such a lovely little game that fits perfectly into the autumn season. And the soundtrack, my gosh, lovely! Absolutely wonderful from top to bottom.

I loved the premise, the way you have to move a box into every room is such a great way to explore the environment and the way the story moved forward was really well done. I enjoyed that it still felt like I had some sort of freedom even though it was such a linear and short game. Amazing work.

This is a genius idea, it seems so simple but it’s so smart and fun and the pacing, the way you have to go back to the tools and then to the windows … absolutely stellar work. I did love Cleaning Redville but this is even a step further, I am kind of blown away because how did not a thousand people have this idea before :D

I absolutely loved this, the atmosphere, the mysteries, the sound design (it’s genius). When I started, I was convinced I’d never make it but it’s forgiving and fun but still thrilling when you get lost, I was on edge the entire time. The only thing I’d have wished for was more oomph for the ending, I worked so hard and didn’t even get cake :D 

For a “rushed” game this was absolutely amazing and it’s such a treat to see that you do funny horror games just as well as your more “serious” ones. I had such a blast with the characters and story, such a silly but well executed idea and I GOT SCARED (mainly because I am a weenie but also, well done on the scares). 

I can’t wait to play the third game in this trilogy, you have such a cool style and it’s a shame you were not able to implement the offering-options but other than that, this was really cool. I very much enjoyed that the driving mechanic of the boat actually felt heavy but in a good way. 

This is such a unique experience, I love the feeling of unease throughout the entire game, it reminded me a lot of the horror anthology Channel Zero because you knew things were off from the get-go and it really got under my skin.

The concept is great, I love the point & click mechanics, this has such an individual style, I can’t wait to get back to it and see what I missed the first playthrough, I mean, this feels like a game you purchase on steam (I would pay good money for it). Amazing work. 

As always, it was a delight. It’s this fantastic bag of surprises whenever I see that you’ve published a new game. I think the weather was a great detail that added a lot to the immersion and the pacing was so well done, I particularly liked that the intro took its time for such a short game, that way it was easier to get a feel for the place.

It’s so good to see the Goose again even though it’s way to dangerous for it to be on board of a rickety old submarine. 

I am not sure I was particularly creeped out but I learned to be content with the noodle I have at home instead of striving for the noodle that is out there. 

I really enjoyed the, the individual art, the story, the great structuring of the choices, so I actually had two very distinct playthroughs. I got a little silly because I had so much fun with it, it’s a great experience. 

It was a little confusing and how the enemy got their hands on a bottle of ketchup will forever remain a mystery but I did enjoy myself (those license plate names, though …)

What a wonderful way to play with multiple endings, this is how you do it to circumvent the gamer fatigue because most alternative endings are so similar or copy other games. I also really love that the linear ending was a gorgeous little fright. Very well done. 

This was so interesting because you mixed the different storytelling elements in a way that felt really fresh, it kept me so invested in the story. The Mandela Catalog meets the Turing test, a fantastic idea. (one thing: the auto audio thingy cut off some words but nothing too egregious)

I was really wondering if your follow-up to Three Minutes with your Dog could keep up the absurdist and fun weirdness and you did not disappoint. What a lovely, slightly deranged game, it was unnerving, very funny and thoroughly enjoyable to play. Absolute stellar work, because a good silly horror game is actually hard to come by. 

I truly believe you have everything you need for a great story. The main issue with jams always is that they are so short on time that it's difficult to spend it on the finishing touches and editing. I will follow you to see what's next because your ideas are great. 

It’s a very cool concept and the main story - as far as I understood - is so intriguing. I think the translation of this did the story a disservice because it is confusing, grammatically all over the place and it changes in tonality which is probably not intended, as the main tone seems to be quite sombre and dark. 

Personally, I also am not a fan of the use of the historical video material. Material from public commons movies instead of documentaries would probably achieve the same. But I generally don’t think the game needs it because the story and the other visuals are strong enough on their own. I think I get that they are supposed to represent memories but why would a human being have history channel documentaries as memories and not personal ones? I think it’s the loss not just of humanity but of my/the protagonist’s own personal history and being that I felt was most striking in this story. 

But please, keep on working on this or other stories. As I said, the story at the core of the novel is quite beautiful and terrifying and I enjoyed slowly uncovering the transformation of my protagonist. 

I absolutely hate driving in video games, indie or AAA but your driving gameplay was very smooth and fun which was crucial because it encouraged a few playthroughs to get some more endings. Lovely ideas for the different endings, I had a blast with this one, it’s an instant follow. 

A very lovely, Halloween-y game, gameplay is fantastic, visuals are so beautiful (I got some Over the Garden Walls vibes from it) and the enemies are really scary. That clown :O

I did not make it till the end (will try it on my own time) but this has a great replayability. Awesome work!

I love this sequel, such a glow-up. Your first episode was good, but your second is fantastic - it’s fun, funny, creepy, and I love love love that you changed up the gameplay, the environment and the storytelling elements. Can’t wait for the next episode. 

I love that you tried something new with this game and you had some great ideas and fantastic pacing & timing. I really enjoyed myself and am curious what you come up with next. 

This was so engaging, the intro alone was such a great idea. Usually, this type of game would frustrate me into rage quitting but I was just so drawn in, it was fun, it was forgiving, the voice acting is stellar and the story is super interesting. I wish there would have been some more answers at the end of volume 1 but I guess I have to wait for the sequel. Fantastic work. 

You have so many ideas and the visuals are great. I had some bugs with the audio and for my first playthrough, the notes did not appear. But keep on keeping on, if this is polished, it’s a pretty neat little indie horror. 

Very entertaining as always and I love how far you went out with the “remake”. 

I thought some of the early puzzles were a little obscure due to the wording/lack of verbal cues but I got through them eventually and absolutely loved the 2nd act. Stellar work, as always. 

This was fantastic. Unnerving, love the cosmic & body horror aspect (it reminded me of the style that Yames Games has which is seldom enough in indie horror) and the pixel art left just enough for the imagination. I got a visceral reaction from the bugs. Great show and such a different style from your previous games, what range you have!

I don’t play a lot of goofy horror games because they are usually so annoying but this was so delightful and the frisbee part was actually fun gameplay. I am super curious, how you would tackle a “serious” horror game because you do have a great sense of timing and pacing. 

I really liked this, your game design is really smart and I love the tension of what our protagonist is doing (because is it just me or should they really NOT be doing that?). Really looking forward to the next chapter/full game. 

Hi, I love an enthusiastic developer and will follow you for updates on Delilah’s story. You created a really lovely environment and fun characters that made this game stand out. 

So, I am not native English speaker myself but know enough that “homecoming” is a term often used to describe an event for former high school students who basically have a reunion. And it’s so common to use the word as such, that any other use is overshadowed by this definition. 

Additionally “much movement lately” probably is Delilah asking the taxi driver if the day has been busy. You’d rather say “Busy day” or something like that since “movement” is more tied to actual physical movement (or “a movement” which is more political) and not business, traffic or interactions. 

Those were the main things. It was still fine because as a player I still knew what you meant. It’s just the small semantic differences between someone who translates from a different language to English vs. someone who writes and thinks English, not a big deal, really. 

PS: Cats are amazing. 

Really enjoyed myself, I am not sure what it is about gas stations that so many horror games feature them but they're always fun. You have a great sense for timing, kept the game flowing nicely. Also: that menu … you cheeky rascal :D

You have a great attention to detail when it comes to storytelling, I loved the neighbourhood environment and all the little tidbits that helped tell the story. And your character work was fantastic, really gave the game a bit more juice.  

Mike, I love  Tartarus Engine and am very happy that you’re back with a new game. I hope I got the humorous aspect of it right because I had a few laughs and think they were intended. Visuals were amazing and Jabbu did amazing work, I was stressed out like I was on my last two free Tetris lines due to the gorgeous soundtrack during the puzzle section.Just all around fantastic as always.  

I really enjoyed this and loved the three different endings and that the third one required a little critical thinking. Also: that tomato lady was so rude, I was so angry at her :D

I don’t know how you did it. You had so many PT-tropes in this and still this was a wonderful and lovingly made experience. It shows that attention to detail and solid storytelling make or break a game. I really enjoyed this, the flat felt like a real flat, the loops had an actual story-related reason, some of your scares were amazing. Great graduation work, I hope you passed with flying colors!

I enjoyed this a lot. Short, atmospheric and I love the different documents and hints as well as sound effects to tell the story. Also: that radio bit :D I was not rapping but I did wiggle a little to it, so I felt very seen. 

The timing in this is very well done, it’s short but long enough to build tension and I love the small details in the background. I really get why this has been such a hit on itch :) 

This was so weird and bananas I don’t know what just happened but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the humour, the visuals were fantastic and it was so overly dramatic, I loved it.