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[Narrative Design] [Writing] Games writer looking to join a team

A topic by Polygon native created Feb 23, 2021 Views: 233 Replies: 6
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Hi there! I'm Mitchell Akhurst (@polygonnative on Twitter), I've been a freelance writer for five years and I'm looking forward to getting more involved in the development side of games. I have experience in narratives for science fiction and fantasy, RPG design, developmental editing and line editing/proofreading. You can find the short story anthology I helped edit at and my current microfiction project @FromZinm on Twitter.

I would love to earn some experience helping bring indie video games to life. So you can get a sense of my own style of writing, I will include some of my favourite reviews below. 

If you have a game that needs some writing done, let me know and I'll try to respond ASAP about whether it's something I can help you with :D

Hi Mitchell, do you use Discord, if so send me a message to RoahR#4989. 

Hi RoahR,
I'm going to need a little more information about your work and the project before connecting outside of Itch. All the best!

Hi,can you help me with my game script?

Hi Kalibur X,

I would be happy to help if you need some developmental or editing work for your project. However, I must admit I have not played Among Us so I won't be able to help with those specific details.

If you want to help and more details

here my Discorf id:OMAtius4#0015

If you are interested in writing for a Sci-Fi Adventure game, please give me contact data of youres, as i dont use twitter and cant send you messages here either.

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