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ESPER: a devlog for my Pixel Horror Jam 2017 entry

A topic by theCaptainRidesAgain created Jul 16, 2017 Views: 202
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Hey, community. This is my first post, and my first time doing anything like this, so bear with me if I'm breaking any etiquette I may not know about. I'm here to introduce the devlog for my entry for the Horror Pixel Jam 2017, ESPER: Extraordinary Supernatural Phenomena Explored and Revealed. It's a procedurally-generated adventure in a haunted house, complete with a randomly generated storyline. You create your character through your choices as you play. 

I'm looking for help, from any assistance in programming, pixel art, and horror chiptunes. I'm doing everything right now on my own.

I'm early on, and I know it sounds ambitious, but I am a very seasoned developer with a couple cool indie titles out, like Gull Buddies, where you eat seagulls to pay them back for eating your picnic lunch. Your health bar is how much bird poop isn't on your shirt, and your score is shown by how fat you have become. It's pretty fun, and available for free on my Games Page.

I know the rules say a screenshot is necessary, but right now it's just a circle inside an arrow on a blank background... but it is playable on the devblog.

Check it out HERE.