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'Dracula: Vampires vs. Zombies' demo is OUT!

A topic by avatarico created Jul 15, 2017 Views: 134
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We're happy to share this demo with community. We will aprecciate you giving us any feedback (and rating the game from 1 to 10). 

There are many archery games for Vive right now. And I think that's because it's more natural to stand and dodge in VR (for now) than actually walk around (teleportation is kind of a kludge). And a bow and arrows is a perfect mechanic for that.

But I suppose there are more strategic ones with tower-defense elements than the pumped ones.

We're developing one of the second type.

We started with quick shooting workout (watch the video). 

But very soon we realised it can be better if we add some power-ups like molotov cocktail: or fireworks (NB! obscene gesture): We added melee combat too:

This demo includes only the first 10 waves with 2 enemy types. We want to know how the basics work so we could continue to make something on top of that.