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A topic by gamsii created Jul 15, 2017 Views: 4,333 Replies: 7
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So I've played this game for over 10 hours (I only downloaded it last night; send help) and have done just about everything the current build has to offer from what I can tell, though I'm sure I've missed some things. So what do I do next?

Start on an unofficial wiki, apparently.

I'm 106% unqualified for this and have never done more with other wikis than very minor edits so I could definitely use some help from other players on this little pet project. As you can see, I've hardly even begun; right now I'm focusing on making the barebones of important pages (characters mostly, plus what little story, background info, and lore scraps are available) and can work on filling out those pages when I can.

To Do List & Things Needed (that other players could help with, if they feel so inclined)

  • .pngs of: the player character and all the NPCs, as well as the NPC face art (from the relationships tab); items, equipment, loot, and all such manner of items (inventory art + good shot of in game model); monsters; the map, including a close-up on the city; the various crafting stations (workshop, furnace, woodcutter, etc); the player character in mine gear (googles and jetpack) as well as them flying with the jetpack; screenshots from the abandoned mines; screenshots of the playable section of the island cavern as well as the blocked-off portion with the troll; all the beautiful concept art
  • Gifting guide for NPCs - likes, dislikes, point values; **I made the spreadsheet:
  • Sparring guide for NPCs
  • NPC routines - probably another spreadsheet (is there an easier way to do this other than following characters around all day?)
  • Plot & Storyline
  • Lore
  • Monster info (locations, spawns, levels, attacks, damage, loot drops)
  • Crafting guide

Nice! Thanks for the help! We're a little busy at the moment, but we'll provide some of the images over the next few weeks. 

That would be awesome and much appreciated, thank you! :)

Hey, I just started playing this game  yesterday and I'm in love. I'd love to help out with the wiki! I'll start trying to gather info too to add. :) 

Awesome, thank you very much Dauphie! Every little bit helps, I really appreciate it!

i will help if i can

Hi, just started playing the game, thought i'd share with you something I discovered. Giving Phillis(?)(nurse) a power stone on her birthday ( 2.17 wednesday was the date I did it) will give +12 friendship.

I posted this anon in your wiki comments but i'll post it here as well:

In Alpha 2.1 Higgins will now take Commissions from the board. I usually arrive at 7:50 am to start spamming the E button for 8am. Book it to the board and hold on to a mission that looks promising. from what I see he will not take the one that you are holding. Even if you may reject it. I have restarted a day so I can see all the commissions and grab the most favored before Higgins.