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Linux: Crash when launching from the client

A topic by Tchey created Jul 14, 2017 Views: 415 Replies: 7
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Liko-12 works fine when i launch it from Love manually, with a version from github i've installed a few days ago.

From itchio however, crash at start.

I'm on Linux Mint if it matters.

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@Tchey Does it give a blue screen ?, if so can you take a screenshot of it ?

It must be a problem in the LÖVE framework.

Nope, no blue screen, i don't think i've ever seen a blue screen on Linux.

This time i've read the error log from itchio, and it seems to be a missing file :

[2017-07-14 @ 22:30:21.251] [launch] crashed with The game could not be configured (game.install.no_executables_found)
[2017-07-14 @ 22:30:21.251] [launch] The game could not be configured (game.install.no_executables_found)


Hmm, So it's a problem with the client on Linux


I'll try to contact support and see if they can find a way to run .love files

Yep, probably.

The version i have working outside of itchio is :

And to run it i just right-click the file, launch with LOVE (my installed version is 0.10.2), and it's done.


Okay, I'll add a .sh script so LIKO-12 checks if love is installed, if so then run the .love file using the client, if not, then ask the user to install love.


Hey @Tchey, Check LIKO-12 V0.6.0_PRE_04, I have fixed the Linux client problem, It must now prompt you if you don't have love installed, otherwise it will launch LIKO-12.

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