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Invasion - Invaders from Space!

A topic by vici created Jul 13, 2017 Views: 129
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You will assume command of a ground-mounted cannon and repel invaders from space as they descend on our planet in hordes. Does that situation sound familiar, soldier? Well it's not. Not like this.

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Hello, everyone. Being new to, I don't really know your etiquette. But it was suggested in an email that I announce my game here, since things seem to drop straight off the Recently Added page. (There's a lot of us aspiring game devs about, apparently.)

This is my first game, it took me just under four weeks, full time development, and involved lots of frustration as I learnt the ins and outs of Unity. I then went back and stripped out all the test code, the little experiments, and whatnot, and I replaced all the Asset Store prefabs with my own models and art, so the result should feel completely original.

I grew up with the old arcade games and it always entertained me to read into them, imagining the backstory (how did diplomatic relations go so sour with the Space Invaders?) or trying to justify a game's premises (could some kind of black hole configuration create that looping space in Asteroids?)  But mostly, just visualising them in 'real life', in whatever form seemed to fit the best. 

Invasion is a simple 3D arcade shooter, with procedurally-generated waves of attackers and the action gets faster and faster as time goes on. I am keen to hear any feedback and opinions.  Happy shooting!