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Don't Bite Me Bro!

1-4 Player Co-op open-world zombie apocalypse game. Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. · By MUIFWEGO

Update Log Sticky

A topic by MUIFWEGO created Jul 13, 2017 Views: 2,056 Replies: 3
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v. - Minor Bugs



º Transition from Dog Sleep Animation to Attack Anim Bug
º Truck Break on Reverse
º Truck Jittering 
º Join with ESC Bug
º Altered Text "1 Piece(s) of wood”
º Altered Text to “This bullet box”
º First Feral disappears when touching wall Bug
º Camera Flicker on touching build object
º Stronger Doors against zombies
º Town Zombies attacking base Bug
º Dog needs Bones to follow
º Trap Stuck on other objects Bug
º No Trap Menu while under attack


v. - Minor Bugs



º Tree Multiplying Bug
º Smash Bottles Quest Bug
º Farm Crops Bug
º Save Difficulty Level Bug

Game Design

º Bad Words censored when Blood Off
º Place Object Precision Button (Left Stick Button, L3, CMND/CTRL)
º Onslaught Mode Keep Building 

In multiplayer (co-op) it's really annoying to only be able to build one person at a time. If one person has the crafting menu open, it shouldn't prevent others from opening it.  Otherwise had a lot of fun with the game, though I failed to find a way to enter any buildings, find any dungeons, or figure out how to drive a car. 


Hey JustinSix,

These past two months the game has really grown in many ways. I'm almost done finding and fixing bugs for the Playstation release, with a lot of new content, and DLC. The game is currently really catered to the GamePad and I apologize for that. Your feedback has been taken into account to improve the game, and your username has been added to the credits.

Thanks for the feedback


Developer (2 edits)


DLC Store

         Vehicle Pack #1

                   Chopper Bike


                   Riddle Bus

                   Spy Car

                   Bear Mobile

                   Monster Truck


         Weapon Pack #2








Random Shopkeeper Items


New Items

         Coffee (Speed)

         Beer (Attack)

         Shake (Defense)

         Potion (Vitality)

         Blood Bucket (Invisibility)

         Protection (Armor)

         Gas Card (Infinite Gas)

         Life (Revive)

         Adrenaline (Temporary Speed, Attack, Defense Boost)

         Armory Key

         Shed Key

         Bus Key

         Box Key

         Small Key

         Master Key

         Crate Box

         Treasure Chest

Shopkeepers in dungeons

Tabbed Start Menu

         Store Tab

         Missions Tab

         Map Tab

         Codex Tab

         System Tab


Key Items

Dialog Conversations

Car Garage

         Locked Cars



Car Reset to Nearest Road (R3, R)

Multiple Players Build at the same time

Survivor Animations for new Weapons/Items/Vehicles

Stats Item

Gamepad Vibration

DUAL SHOCK 4 Light bar Colors

Zombie Head Pop

Resources Full Labels

Zombie Decapitate

Home Information

Items allowed based on House Level

Map Revisions

Hunger Meter

Place with precision mode (L3)

itch Community Members in the Credits

New Difficulty Menu

         Easy (More Bullets, Random Saved Survivor on Death)

         Medium (Random Saved Survivor on Death, Hunger Meter)

         Hard (Each Survivor Permadeath, Hunger Meter, GameOver)

         (Onslaught) New Game + (Each Survivor Permadeath, Hunger Meter, All Feral Zombies)



Massive, Massive Frame Rate Optimization

Fixed Flying Wood Planks

Fixed Attracting Crocodiles to base

Campfire over boxes in Dungeons

Car Camera

Flying big bone

Zoom out after tutorial cancel

Lose things when dead

Load visited Map Squares

Gravedigger NPC walk animation

Car Acceleration from stop

Kids NPC animation

Counselor: “We’re Alone” and backwards walk

Highway Transparency

Arrows on Pizza after Drunk Quest

Darker dead Incubator

Mouse Aim

Boss Zombie Spawning inside camp

Light Marks in Fence Holes

Can’t Build near shooting range

More snakes around Map

Tutorial: remind of zombies

Smaller Save File

Text over loading screen

“Horde” new default

Pedestrians walking backwards

Campfire sets zombies on fire

Metal slides off car

Gasoline Full Warning

Horde Pause symbol indoors

Stuck in Swamp

Multiple Towers Large Herd FPS drop

Loading Speed

Memory Leak Crash

Faster NPCs

Fast Fire Zombies

Physics Stutter

Invisible Trees in City

Eject from car when out of gas

Spanish Text Fixes