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Brain Frame

Use every hack in the book to blast your opponents with algorithms and viruses to ensure coroutines never run again. · By Akupara Jams

Tougher than it looks!

A topic by Mr. Elit3hoboguy created Feb 14, 2021 Views: 49
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Hey Devs,

I gave it a go! Love the style and humor you threw in there. Very well done graphics wise and the gameplay is pretty responsive. I do think the camera could use a bit of love. The triggers for the cut scenes seem to overlap a little at points though. This one was harder than I thought it was going to be, for me at least haha, but I did enjoy it. Not sure the direction you plan on taking this one but I think an easier mode would be nice for someone who just wants to appreciate all the work you put into the story and cut scenes. Overall thought, very impressive!

- Elit3hoboguy

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