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A topic by Dabiglulu created Feb 07, 2021 Views: 89 Replies: 3
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I've just read quickly the quickstart and I love what i've just read. It's clever, simple, highly narrative, can't wait to have the whole game ! I saw a typo here and there, but nothing that can impair my understanding. I have a question though, do you think this could work with a group of players, like in a more traditional rpg? I'm thinking about mixing these rules with the Trophy gold combat system of weak spots maybe (I still need to try your game though 馃槃). But i'd rather have a system from your creation than something homebrewed . Well, hope you don't mind my asking. Anyway, this is really promising and I can't wait to play it, great job!


I'm really glad you like it! It's not designed to be played with a larger group but I don't see any reason why you couldn't - just have each player have their own dice pool and keep track of their own soul track, and you'd probably want to add additional enemies. I'd split the enemy Soul total between characters as you'd do with XP in a traditional RPG.

Nice ! I'll probably play it next week...thanks !


Also thanks for letting me know about the typos - I've just uploaded a new version and hopefully I caught them all!