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Risen Kingdoms

4X Strategy Game With Strong RPG Elements! · By Armouredboar

bug with scenario won

A topic by NightmareGale created Feb 05, 2021 Views: 187 Replies: 4
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so i killed all the vassals/lords (also used a graveyard to summon a few skeletons to see if they would finish off the remaining enemies) and when i killed every enemy the scenario stayed as if there were enemies left...  probably because i still had "summoned skeletons" walking around the map (from the graveyard) 

Hmmm, just going through the script and everything seems fine, could possibly be a scenario win condition not being correctly set within the scenario editor, Can you give me the name of the scenario you were playing? I've just fixed this problem on the Aberon scenario and will be uploading the update today.

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Unfortunately if this is the issue, it will require a restart of the scenario. However I've added in a new rare item with a very cool special effect to the game to thank you for reporting the bugs. :) 


I had skeletons from the graveyard plus a huge debt of mana btw

This is intended as troops not under your control do not require upkeep from you. It would be interesting to play around with the idea of skeletons disintegrating without mana to sustain them though.