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Color Kid - Color is a curse [PLATFORMER]

A topic by Eroxxie created Dec 17, 2015 Views: 205
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Color Kid is my experimental platformer using colored platforms and the game protagonist Color Kid!

Concept Story

The game is about this kid thats one day has unfortunately crossed path with the Evil Science Wizard that curses the kid, making every path a deathtrap for him! He can only step on patterns and platforms that resembles the color on his clothes. Luckely for him, this curse also gifted him the power to insantly changes color on his clothes, making him Color Kid. Even though it may be a awesome ability, he dont want to stay cursed and feel the need to change color so he finds out that the Evil Science Wizard has a cure for the curse and thats what he tries to get in all these "levels" but everytime he gets the cure, it vanish to the next "level", that also test Color Kids curses and powers.

A demo can be downloaded right now from my itch page, containing 5 stages, you play Color Kid that need to change his color depending on the platform color, in this case, red or blue (gray color does not affect him).
There is also other hazard in the stages, in this demo buzzsaws, you dont want to hit them hard!
Get the vial of cure to progress and i hope you like the concept that im building!

The development is in full effect at the moment and more addons will be in the completed product, but please leave feedback if you want!