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A Blender add-on for building tile based low-poly scenes with paint/map editor like tools · By Jeiel Aranal

Underwater Cuties

A topic by Jeiel Aranal created Jul 08, 2017 Views: 1,576 Replies: 5
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To enhance Sprytile's paint capabilities I'm building a scene that has more organic shapes

A turntable is an interesting challenge to build with tiles, but I was inspired by a pixel art style I've been experimenting with to build it as a circle. It needs tweaking to deal with the texture frequency getting higher as it goes in, but I think it works. A neat bonus is finding out that the paint tool supports doing this quite painlessly.

The most polished part so far is the little submarine. Check it out on Cartrdge for the sketchfab model and more screenshots!


Hollllyyyy crap, this was left dormant for so long. I finally have something to show, a WIP sketchfab


And here's the final version!

View the 3D model here:

Check out the post on Cartrdge talking a bit about the differences from the WIP

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Great work. How do you animate it like that, I mean the animated rotation?


I position the camera in its initial position, create an empty object where I want the rotation to center around and parent the camera to the empty. The empty is then simply animated to do the rotation and I render the animation.

Many thanks Jeiel.