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A new title?

A topic by BimbosonaDev created Jul 06, 2017 Views: 141 Replies: 7
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'Bimbo Horse Academy' has always been a placeholder title

Anyone have any better ideas, PLEASE?

My first thought would be towards drawing on something from the Arthurian or Greek myths, in the spirit of the series itself, but that might create weird expectations. A play on Canterlot like Trotnot might work, but if we're still going to be using the standard names, it's kind of a waste to do that.

As I'm always a fan of alliteration, I'm just going to have to throw a few of these out there: Airhead Academy, Canterlot Changes, Sleaze School.
And, playing with an entirely different vein of entertainment: Seduction of Canterlot.


Airhead Academy sounds fun, and harkens to one of my inspirations, Artificial Academy.

Seduction of Canterlot is nice as well, very classy, though I'm worried about putting anything MLP-related in the title, no longer out of legal concern,  but more because it would scare away people that might want to just fuck busty sluts as they'd think it's about horses, as well as disappointing people who actually do want to fuck horses who would be given the wrong idea.

It was a couple general suggestions, we could probably come up with a better one in time, but Airhead Academy would be pretty straightforward. My only thought is if it's OK to use that when you can play through the whole thing without changing anyone.

SoC was just a play on Shadows over Camelot that I thought would be fun to throw out there. I don't expect it to be taken seriously.

How about "Bimbosona: EqG"?


I'm gonna put this one in the 'best we've got so far', but I hope we get something better. It isn't quite spicy enough... though I suppose when other h-games I enjoy are called like, Overwhored, and Artificial Academy, I guess settling for a mild name is just part of the genre


By the Book: Bimboification
Arcana Whores (a little too vulgar?) (I like the persona ref though)
Arcana Girls: Major Changes
Mastering Canterlot High
Master of Studies and More
Todd Howard's Wild Ride
Shaping the School's Future
Change: Power is Yours

I do like Airhead Academy though.


I really like Arcana Girls and Master of Studies and More, Airhead Academy is still a strong contender

>Todd Howard's Wild Ride

oh lord