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Game Stats

A topic by Commodore Shawn created Jul 06, 2017 Views: 216 Replies: 2
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Defensive Structures

StructureBase HealthHealth Upgrade 1 (wood)Health Upgrade 2 (stone)Base DamageDamage Upgrade 1 (copper)

Economic Structures

StructureConsumesProducesBase TimeTools Upgrade 1 (copper)
Brickworks2 Mudbrick15 turns
Farm (normal soil)3 Wheat60 turns40 turns
Farm (fertile soil)3 Wheat30 turns24 turns
Bakery1 Wheat1 Food10 turns
Lumberyard1 Log4 Wood30 turns20 turns
Mine (copper)1 Copper Ore30 turns20 turns
Mine (limestone)1 Limestone30 turns20 turns
Smelter1 Copper Ore
 2 Wood
1 Copper30 turns


Bronze Age is turn based. The game aims for 5 turns per second, though as the game hits performance problems this may slow down.

Each house consumes 1 Food every 300 turns (in 1.2.5 it is every 600 turns).

Each barracks consumes 1 Food every 300 turns for each warrior inside.


SourceWealth Provided
Farm, Brickworks0
House, Wall Health  Upgrade 1, Wall Health  Upgrade 2, Tower Attack Upgrade 1, Tools Upgrade 12
Storehouse, Bakery, Lumberyard, Training Grounds, Pasture, Trade Depot4
Tower Health Upgrade 1, Tower Health Upgrade 2,5
Mine, Smelter, Wall, Barracks8
Gatehouse, Tower, Tradehouse15
Copper Statue23

Upgrade wealth is cumulative. If a wall is upgraded to Health Level 2, then it provides the wealth from Health Level 1 and Health Level 2.


  • If your total population is below 20, then 4 times a season 5 migrants will arrive at your lowest population settlement
  • Otherwise, twice a season migrants will arrive at your settlement with the highest Wealth Per Capita. The amount of migrants will be based on that value, aiming to add enough population to drop Wealth Per Capita to 5. If the settlement's Wealth Per Capita is at or below 5, no migrants will arrive. These migrants will only arrive at settlements with 0 homelessness.

how do i mine the copper. putting a mine close or on top of copper ore does nothing and my villegers won't mine it?


In general your citizens will produce whatever they need. Do you have a smelter? Without a smelter your citizens won't automatically mine copper ore, because they don't see a need for it.

Next to some notifications there's a small icon of Nanash's head, click on it and she'll tell you what you should do about the message.