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Rosie's Inn

Welcome to Rosie's Inn, a prototype featuring just a taste of the business behind questing in a fantasy world. · By Akupara Jams

My Thoughts

A topic by Alex Robbins created Jan 29, 2021 Views: 253 Replies: 2
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Really fun game and super cool to experience things from a Tavern Keeper's perspective. I definitely agree with the other feedback post that it would be cool to be able to spend gold on things other than quests, like upgrades to the Tavern Keeper or the tavern itself. 

One thing that might really add to the "Tavern Keeper" experience is being able to take drinks to tables as a way of getting a small amount of income. This also comes naturally from the way the camera is positioned. Obviously this is more of a subjective design choice depending on what you want your game to be. Really fun and can't wait to see more :)


Definitely agree with this! The initial pitch included a subsystem that allowed you to take drinks to patrons to get leads on quests, so you could essentially haggle with folks by getting them drunk or trying to eavesdrop on their quest threads. Unfortunately, we only had two weeks to work on the game, so we ended up scrapping that for the simplicity of the board, since the meat and potatoes of the experience is assigning folks to the right quests. 

I think for a longer experience, I'd definitely want earned gold to be paid down like a currency. You can invest in your bar and get ammenities or upgrades with it. What kinds of things would you like to see upgraded by spending the gold on it?

I think cosmetic things would be really great, like different outfits for the Keeper. Also, if someone finishes a particular quest, then you could buy a cosmetic item specifically from that quest. So if a hero wins a quest where they have to go kill vampires, you get the option of mounting a vampire head in your tavern for a small amount of gold. It'd be a nice way of remembering successful quests.

There could also be more technical things like buying more tables to support more heroes in the tavern. I really like the idea of having to get some of them drunk or eavesdropping on them! If you introduce a drinking system, maybe you have different heroes who prefer different drinks, like some prefer a beer or others and ale, and if you can get their drink right they tell you more about themselves. Hope this helps :)