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ImageFun is an exciting new way you can create computer games!  Simply draw your game on a piece of white paper, scan or take a picture of it, load it into your computer, and run ImageFun!  No programming is required!


ImageFun is available as an early release and is under development. After your purchase, you will be able to download any version up to version 1.0.  The goal of ImageFun is to make creating many computer games as easy as drawing a picture.  Once the picture is loaded by ImageFun, you tell ImageFun what you want each object to do then play your game.  While 3d First Person Shooter games are currently supported, eventually other game styles will be as well.  Two-player network gaming will soon be possible as well and multi-player gaming is planned.

Latest Changes:

Version 0.1.0060 (Alpha)
07/03/2017 - 07/6/2017

Player position fixes.
Default player projectile y position fixed.
Floor, ceiling, and wall textures can be resized so that they are smaller.

Temporarily removed background caching for image scanning.

Fixed bug related to object scaling settings.

Alpha Version 0.1.0059 has been completed.  The changes include:

The built-in image editor now saves it's changes.
Temporarily hid the button to draw a new image, on the menu screen, when creating a new game.
Added a cursor to the built-in image editor to indicate where the changes will take place.
Fixed player position bug.  Computer players no longer float in the air.
Added Switches.  Switches can be configured to turn on or off lights.  They will eventually work for doors as well.

Video of the demo being played.  The map was hand-drawn and scanned into the computer.  The rest was done with ImageFun.

Latest Screenshots

Working on Alpha Version 0.1.0060.  The goals are to allow the resizing of floor and ceiling tiles, fix any bugs with and improve the switches, find a fix a minor scanning bug.

The plan for Version 0.2.xxxx is to get networking working in it's entirety for two player games as well as add doors.  The plan is for you to be able to draw a door on your game, then configure ImageFun to use it as a door.  

Floor tiles can be re-sized to smaller sizes.  Next up are ceiling and wall tiles!

Ceiling and wall tiles are finished.  Tiles can be scaled smaller.  Fixed a couple bugs.  Version 0.1.0060 is now available!