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The Epic, Obligatory Music Appreciation Thread.

A topic by ChillinChum created Dec 15, 2015 Views: 472 Replies: 5
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I'm going to try and lay some groundwork for this thread, I want it to be a thread where we share our favorite music, but I have a particular way i'd like to see it, so I'd like to put in some rules for how it will work.

This is only an experiment for the moment, as I feel like there might just be a lot of spamming by one person for all of the music, let's try and avoid that, please.

We could try a weekly thing, or something, but right now, let's try to limit to one post per person, and that one post can have one song that's your favorite.

I'd also like to make sure it's not just links, if we want to appreciate the music, you should also have a short post explaining why you like it a lot.

I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of AAA game music, so try and consider smaller, or indie games with their music, try for something that's your favorite, but that not many have heard of! (AAA game music is a-ok if most people forget about it! Halo 1's theme might be something everyone would know, but what about the song for the 3rd level, "Under Cover of Night", does everyone know that? maybe they don't because they didn't play the game, or just forget?)

You may also state your preference for certain music genres.

Basically, I want us to point out what we like about certain pieces of video game music, so that others reading might get some inspiration on what could make their music better. I feel sometimes a small reference pool is the only problem for inspiration for some people.

To start, let me try to give a good example of a post, (The format that will be obvious is appreciated, should you use it, but it's not set in stone.) I'd recommend Persona 3's "Wiping all Out." or 100% OJ's Track 28 (Alte's theme), but I suspect a lot of people know those (if you don't, send me a message, and I'll link them to you.), so I'm going to go for say....... :

The Sega CD version of Snatcher's "Pleasure of Tension"

Snatcher is one of 2 games made by Hideo Kojima he made before Metal gear Solid (1) on the Play Station, however, due to the platform not being very popular, and it being the only english version released (bear in mind, that makes it the first Hideo Kojima game to escape being radically changed for western release, as the NES metal gears are somewhat different from the original MSX2 versions. Even then, Snatcher apparently was heavily subject to censorship, or something, and the game was still one of those early "mature" rated games due to it's very graphic violence, even for pixels.), that despite having the famous name behind it, it's only a cult classic, not mainstream. (although that is changing thanks to the LPing community, thanks slowbeef.)

I like it because you get tension, mystery, discovery, and then this underlying "dawwrrggghhh" that permeates throughout that has this slight feeling of dread, all in one piece, and it encapsulates the entire feel of the game, honestly, it being a cyber-punk detective game, basically. Mechanics are very much point and click, though it uses a menu.

This is very telling of my music tastes, I like synthetically made music, and anything DOS, genesis, or other computer made stuff from that point between 1988-1996 is my jam. However, I do like orchestras, and other more "traditional" music, so my tastes are rather all over the place. Still, this track captures the nostalgia of that sort of music for me. The entire soundtrack of Snatcher is quite good, and I'd recommend looking into it and the game itself if you can.

Alright, what have the rest of you got for everyone to listen to?

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For me, the greatest game soundtrack has to be that of my all-time favourite game: Grim Fandango. The game itself combined film noire with Mexican folklore (in addition to Aztek and other things). Likewise, the game's OST consists of Swing and Mexican music. A link to the soundtrack is below (a version of the remastered version can be found elsewhere online as that game was recently remastered after 16/17 years).

Additionally, it's definitely worth checking out other work of Peter McConnell as he is a musical genius and very dynamic with his game compositions.

To pick a single song from the OST, here is the first track - 'Casino Calavera' (the remastered edition):

This is good, but I was hoping for one specific song, not an entire soundtrack.

Could you pick one specific track form there, and edit it in as such with an embed youtube link?

I've edited the post - I hope this is better.

Perfect! :)


Thunder Force III. that is all

soooo good. sega genesis metal is 100% my stuff