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Outer Rat is now out for Windows, Mac & Linux.

A topic by Dosane Games created Jan 26, 2021 Views: 56
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Find the deserter, be an innocent or investigate as a detective. Play with your friends online from 4 to 10 players. 

Figure out who is the deserter with your friends or betray them. Use abilities as detective and as a deserter to defeat the other team. Point out a culprit and give proof of it.

   • Use abilities (“hack points”) inside the game as detective and deserter. Win more points depending on your role.
   • Point out a culprit and give proof of it. People can see the actual suspicious player.
   • Find more information about what happened by looking in previous found bodies, time of dead and more.
   • Complete unique and fun jobs to win as an innocent and detective by restoring the energy.
   • Use a secret room as deserter and inside, make life impossible for the other players.
   • More...


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