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From Light

A photography-inspired 2D puzzle-platformer · By Faffinabout

] button doesn't work

A topic by ^densch created Jun 30, 2017 Views: 187 Replies: 2
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the brackets button doesn't seem to do anything :-/
Couldn't you have chosen an easier to access button?

Cause I have to hold "alt gr" and press the 9 button to actually access the ] button.


Sorry about that, we didn't focus too much on keyboard controls for this demo since we made it for a show floor and had enough gamepads to demo the game. On the final version we'll pick better buttons and allow you to change controls as well.

Just wondering, are you using a qwerty keyboard?

No, a qwertz one, german layout.

It's just that 9,),] are thle same button .

And for ] you would need to hold shift and and press the 9 button.
But since shift already makes photos, this doens't work.

But doesn't matter, I already finished the demo by now.
Didn't even need that gallery.

Looking forward to the full game, was way too short :-)