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Racing gates and track please.

A topic by Scubi created Jun 29, 2017 Views: 530 Replies: 22
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I just want to start off by saying I really really love this game and the physics feel great.

The only thing I wish were included was actual race courses with gates (not wooden ones like now) and vertical gates that allow for real racing practice. I would love something simple in Freerider FPV and something more complex in Freerider Recharged. I own both. Recharged for my gaming computer and Freerider for my Surface 4 Pro (Works very well!).

Thanks for a great product!


Yes, I have plans to add something like that later on. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

How about a tiny whoop track? Maybe add tiny whoop gates on the playground?

I too just installed the Recharge version of FR,  and love the feel of full rate /acro.   it will teach me a great deal.   only I only fly open grass areas with pvc gates that are smaller and thinner.   I use pole/banners for turn points and have yet to set up flat bright cones to follow into the pattern .    Will be glad to pay more for a few tracks and led lit up rings.   also 2 tier gates that require a quick flip .   running this on a Mac and finding the medium setting for scenery the best.    Great job Fpv FR.


I'm working on an update to Recharged which will have the ability to load custom tracks. I intend to release some regular racing track(s) along with that release similar to what you describe.

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Thats fantastic to hear.  It's winter here in New Jersey and simulator quad racing is going to be it for the most part.  May get some gang together to do indoor micro ...not sure yet where to go.   Anyway, Thanks FPV Freerider. Hope you'll post here when upgrade is complete. again....If it cost a bit more, it'll be worth it.  

Another site has something called ghosting , is this an option that might be possible in FR.  It's a recorded view of your own quad from the laps run and you get to try and race yourself .  Not looking to switch sim's as FR get thumbs up for best controller feel on forums and youtube. Stu


Uploaded a new version of Recharged today. It would be interesting to hear if it works on your system.

It has three new levels including an open grass area track with gates/flags/cones.

Ghost racing is actually already available in Recharged (although the function is admittedly a bit rough around the edges for now)

It is explained in more detail in the user manual.

Outstanding!!!!  Do I have to purchase recharged again with the added field or is there a way to add the one track to try it?  I am willing to pay the 9.99 again if need be.   Thanks,Stu


You don't have to pay for it again. You can just download the latest version via your personal download page here on Itch.

The link to that is in your purchase confirmation email.

In case you have lost that you can request a new on here: (Under "recover purchases")

Sorry for the delay, just uploaded the new tracks and want to report my findings......FANTASTIC !!   Just what I was hoping for.  The  grass field track and gates is simple to remember the pattern and seems very life like in the controller.   Abandon building thats 3 floors makes ajusting my flying for the multi heights a real work out.   I'm  looking forward to trying these new tricks i'm trying to learn on my real  quads once the snow clears[. Spring???] Hope not that long..  Thanks again FPV FR>  well done!  Stu

 load custom tracks?! That will be soooo awesome!!

I have been wanting that for like forever!! :D

I have some(limited) unity and blender knowlegde,, so to be able to create and fly my own tracks would be amazing,

going to try those new tracks ASAP

I actually came here looking for updates

this made my day! :D

FPV FEERIDER IS THE BEST, and i've tried everything with a demo!


Great, I'm glad you appreciate it! :) 

For technical reasons thee custom tracks actually need to be made with Freeriders own level editor.

(The level editor is quite similar to Unity's own though. But - for now it is only possible to load levels, the level editor itself is not released yet).


Oh , I see. Well I'm sure the level editor will suffice :)

Keep up the great work :D

Best regards.

I'm very happy that you maked possibility to load external maps too, thank you!  I have knowledge in 3D modelling and I have cool real places near me to fly so in couple weeks new maps will come! You're man!


Please note that the custom levels will need to be created with FPV Freeriders own level editor to work.

And, I haven't released that one to the public yet. 

So you will need to wait a bit, I plan to release the full level editor later on when I have evaluated it thoroughly.

It is pretty similar to Unity's own editor though, so your 3D modelling experience will come in handy.

Will there be possibility to load external models with textures in editor?


No that will not be possible unfortunately, for technical reasons all models/textures etc. needs to be built into the editor itself. My goal is to make it as flexible as possible though.

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That is something weird as your levels wasn't maked in editor, you limit possibilities of your product... just add possible to load external models with textures and coordinates to spawn.


The custom levels is built using the custom editor (the regular ones are built using Unity's own editor).  If you wish to have an editor where it is possible to load external models with textures, please write one and let me know, I'd be interested.

I would keep it simple... community can make levels in Unity's own editor... then all problems are gone... I think that it will be a lot easier to make levels in Unity as I can do modelling in whatever software I want and load it to Unity's editor and then save them as Unity's and simply load them in FPV Freerider... The editor is there for us all... and it's free... no need to complicate.


I agree, to use Unity's own editor would be the best and simplest way.

Unfortunately it is not possible to load external Unity scenes into a finished Unity build. At least I have not found a way to do that during my research, so if you know a way I'd be interested to hear about it.

Now What i need is a goggle feed and a pair of cheap goggles to keep out by the laptop.   Truth is, sitting reclined on a couch isn't how i fpv.  we mostly stand and lean against the flightline tables. I prefer to stay standing.   will look into the goggles, perhaps Eachines for $99 so i won't leave the Attitude v4's out.


As you might know, goggles with HDMI in will be easiest to use and give the best image quality. 

You could also use goggles with analog AV in, if you have the ability to get AV out from your laptop.