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More Customization!! (Bump From 100 days ago)

A topic by josh052003 created Jun 28, 2017 Views: 211 Replies: 2
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For every round you win you win not only an upgrade point but you win 'CREDITS'

with credits you can go to the main menu screen and select 'SHOP'

in the shop you can buy decorations for your robot such as a tophat or warrior helmet

these would have no effect on gameplay other than the fact that you would have a sweet hat to give your robot more personality

(P.S. love the game, keep it up)

Cheers ~Josh

Fun idea! Cosmetic things has come up in the past as ideas from many people. Will think about it more...

that would be cool. And the cosmetic should be cuttable but repair after the round. Also doborog would have to add new hats every so often but it would really be good.